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Aeroclub "Kings Land Ineu"


Our Pilots are happy to take somebody with them and share the passion of flying in one of the planes and gliders used by the club. The flights are not commercial, we just take our real expenses to share the passion of our sport, to keep it also affordable for you. With this flights we can maintain our pilots in training and afford to keep the airplane for our sports activity. Our pilots can take you to different trips over Oradea and the area and some other adventures, just have a look below!

Ineu - Oradea - Baile Felix - Ineu

Flight Time:  15min

Type: Airplane

Passengers: 3


See the city of Oradea and the swimming pools of Felix from above and take your family and friends for a flight! This trip is our standard flight if people just want to fly for the first time on a small airplane or if they want to make a present for somebody. Maybe you can also spot your house from above during the flight ;-)

Ineu - Poieni - Valea Draganului -
Vf Bihorul - Arisieni - Ineu                                            

Flight Time:  1 hour

Type: Airplane

Passengers: 3


A trip over the Apuseni Mountains is one of the highlights you can experience from our airfield. You can just enjoy the amazing landscape from above and see  places you've never seen before! This is a flight you will never forget!

If you want to choose your own detination, the price for one hour with our Morane Rallye 180 is 900 RON/h.

"short gliding experience"

Flight Time:  ~ 15min

Type: Glider

Passengers: 1


Enjoy the most natural way of flying, Gliding is the most enjoyable airsport, without engine gliders can fly thousands of kilometers. Get a short impression how it feels to hear just the wind whisteling around you while you are up in the air.

Thermal Flight

Flight Time:  ~ 1 hour (just possible if the weather is good)

Type: Glider

Passengers: 1


Gliders can stay up just by the energy of the sun and the wind. Take a look into the cockpit and find out what skills are needed to keep a glider up in the air for a longer time. And who knows, maybe your pilot might also do a looping with you to see the world upside down.

Team Building on our airfield

Time:  1/2 - 1 day

Type: Glider + Airplane

Group Size: max. 15-20


Do you want to strengthen the spirit of your team?

Gliding is a real team sport, you will need a minimum of 5 people to get a glider in the air with a winch. Everybody has to trust the others, take care of them and work as a team to make the operations safe. Every team member will make a flight in the glider or also in the airplane if you like. Together with the facilities of the Kings Land Resort we can make your team building an unforgetable event.

If you are interested, just ask us!

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