Airspace and ATC information

Aerodrom "Kings Land Ineu"


The Romanian airspace structure is more or less simple.

For most of the CTR areas you can get a clearance if you will get in contact with the tower in time. The restricted areas are just activated by NOTAM and they don't affect our activity to much. Just the Napoc TMA might is cutting some nice gliding areas, but with a clearance you can also enter there.


A NOTAM Chart with the navigational warnings is published on the website of Romatsa. You can generate it on your own on our NOTAM page.

Boarder Crossing

The boarder to Hungary can be crossed sometimes due to a special agreement. The area which can be used has to be advised and written down in the flightplan by the airfield administrator each morning.

Crossing the boarders to Ukraine, Serbia and Bulgaria is strictly prohibited.

Procedure in Oradea CTR

Takeoff and landing has to be coordinated with Oradea Tower on 118.455MHZ. You have to contact them after release and give them an estimate about the maximum altitude and when you will leave the control zone. When returning to the airfield Oradea Tower has to be called before entering the CTR and position and altitude should be reported.


Flying outside the CTR

After leaving the CTR you will be handed over to Bucharest Information Frequency. In lower altitudes you might not be able to reach them, but in this case it's good to switch back to Oradea Tower or at least stay on a frequency which is known by somebody on the ground, to be able to contact you.



Because we are located inside the CTR of Oradea, a flightplan for flights to/from "Kings Land Ineu" airfield is necessary, also for gliders. In regular operations this can be carried out by one of the administrators every morning, so you can concentrate on flying. You will find the online flight plan form also here. You need to sign up for an account to make your flightplan.


Airspace Database

You will find an airspace file in our download section. We try to keep it up to date.



An ICAO VFR Map is published by Romatsa.

There are also some Open Flightmaps for our flying area available, you will find the links in the Download's. We will also try to keep some paper printed maps on stock at Ineu.

We also want to set up a dedicated map for gliding in the next years.

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